Winter Running Motivation

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October 20, 2015

Baby, it’s cold outside! It can be tough to get out the door in the winter. These are our tips for keeping motivation high despite dropping temperatures:


1. Set a Goal.

Set a Specific Race/Winter Goal that helps keep motivation high. A finish line is always an ideal target. Choose something that challenges you whether it be distance or setting a goal finish time. We suggest, shemoves Atlanta 5K, Reindeer Romp, but we might be biased?!


2. Dress Appropriately.

If you dress for the weather, winter running isn’t so bad (in Georgia). You should be slightly cool when you start. You’ll want to layer tech fabrics that will wick as you sweat.


40 to 50 degrees: Top: 1-layer, Long-Sleeve, Bottom: Shorts or Capris (based on preference)


30 to 40 degrees: Top 1-layer, Long-Sleeve, Bottom: Capris or Pants, Gloves, Hat


20 to 30 degrees: 2 Tops: Long-Sleeve Base Layer and a Vest (Keep your core warm.), Bottoms: Full Pants, Tights, Gloves, Hat


3. Make a Run Date!

Plan to meet up with a friend or checkout local run groups. The group energy will give you extra incentive to get out the door.


4. Download some New Music.

Make an upbeat playlist that your feet can’t help but move to.  Only listen to this new playlist while you run (like a running reward). It maybe just the thing to get you out the cooler months.



Winter/Fall is an awesome time to hit your local trails with little regards to pace. Winter running is more about maintenance miles than speed work. On hilly trail running tends to serve as more of a strengthening exercise and also provides a more forgiving soft-surface.


6. If all else fails, Bribe Yourself.

This is my go-to if I just need a little extra incentive. Somedays,  a small bribe will do, a post-run cup of coffee will get me out the door. There are emergency situations that call for the occasional big bribe though, a new sports top or a sports bra. Stick to your bribe though. It only works if you make yourself complete the workout to receive the reward.

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