Thirsty Thursday: Heat Acclimation

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May 12, 2012

Thirsty Thursday: As we prepare to leave for Kona, HI with CNN Fit Nation, we’re thinking heat acclimation. Tips to help handle Kona or Georgia’s Summer heat:

Mental Note: The same session will feel harder in the heat as more blood is traveling to your skin to help keep you cool rather than traveling to your muscles to help you exercise.

1. May not enjoy this one, but avoid air conditioning – you need to get used to the heat.

2. As the body is about 60% water you need to drink lots of water, have a drink bottle with you at ALL times.

3. Use a sports drink before, during and after training to replenish sodium, water and glucose. As a general guideline you should be drinking at a rate of 750ml of fluid per hour to offset the effects of dehydration.

4. Weigh yourself before and after you training session to help determine how much you should be drinking.

5. Weigh yourself each day to make sure that you are maintaining body weight. Any quick decreases in body weight will be due to dehydration.

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