Why shemoves ATL

By: April Lea Gellatly Burkey

Triathlon, running, MOVEMENT  – all have the capacity to change your reality.

We all have our reasons for the choices we make in life, good choices and bad choices.  Ten years ago, shortly after my father took his life, I made a choice to focus on qualifying for Ironman Hawaii.  This was a choice that has changed my current reality.  In a time of hurt and grief, I threw myself blindly into an outlet that has helped me emotionally and physically heal from the loss.  Today, I find myself a fit, emotionally stable, balanced, happy, participating member of society.

The start line doesn’t need to be Ironman Hawaii.  The lifestyle of triathlon/running creates change, which helps to encourage balance, improves nutrition choices, and helps set goals and benchmarks.  The sport encourages you to push yourself beyond what you thought capable, and this carries over into day-to-day life.  I have my reasons, what are yours?

Bold statement, but I repeat, Triathlon, running, MOVEMENT – all have the capacity to change your reality.

To participate in triathlon, a 5k, or a 10k, you have to make changes to your routine.  Change is hard, but with 2/3rd of Georgia overweight, change is 100% necessary!  It may involve substitution of unhealthy foods for fruit, vegetables, or lean proteins.  It may mean working out CONSISTENTLY and working towards a GOAL.

We feel strongly that if the Female Head of Household (the Head of Household in the 21st Century) develops healthier habits through diet and exercise, the rest of the family will follow suit.  Our events are for women.  We are a cause-oriented organization and our #1 priority: Women’s Health.

Whatever changes you personally have to make, we want to be there with you to provide support through www.shemovesATL.com in the form of nutrition articles, training suggestions/recommendations, local shemoves Atlanta running groups, and shemoves Atlanta Events (GOALS).   Come join us this season!  Again, I have my reasons; what are yours?

Our Mission Statement

shemoves looks to empower women by providing the support and events necessary to engage in an active, healthy, balanced lifestyle.